Warehousing and Logistics


Any shipment that needs to be sent out to the client is first assembled and put through a packaging process in our warehouse. After a thorough quality check, these products are packed as per the client requirements and order details. Our stock is always in sufficient quantities so that we can deliver the best to our clients without any delays.

In order to ensure that goods are shipped on priority, we ensure that the stock is always ready and in good condition. Our aim is always to ensure fast delivery, so that clients get what they want without much wait. Proper care and measures are taken to ensure that goods are always safe in the warehouse and are in a temperature controlled environment at all times.


We operate through our own logistics department when it comes to delivering the orders. With years of experience, Marx Medical has always succeeded when it comes to transporting medical devices to the client’s final destination. We have been operating in almost all the continents. We are well equipped and staffed to ensure that shipments reach the destination damage-free and within stipulated time frame.

We have a proper process, which is followed to ensure that a shipment reaches the destination as per laid down standards. Our logistics department continuously tracks every shipment once it gets dispatched till the time it is received. As a client, you can also access this tracking at every stage. We provide all our clients with the tracking number once the shipment is dispatched.